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SFI Management Group
is a company aimed at success
About Company

Foreign enterprise «SFI Management Group» LLC was created, first of all, to contribute to the economic development of Uzbekistan, through active participation in the adaptation of enterprises to market relations, the introduction of international standards, attraction of foreign experts.....

Our projects
We have much to be proud of
Tashkent metallurgical plant

Construction of the Tashkent metallurgical plant began in 2017, and the project is planned to be completed within two years. After commissioning, the enterprise will produce 500 thousand tons of cold-rolled steel products per year. The plant will contribute to the development of related industries such as building sector, automotive, household appliances, etc.

Phone numbers:
(78)150-30-70, 150-30-80
Email address :
42/1 Bunyodkor Str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Please, contact us, if you have questions: